Engagement Puzzle Rings in Tsavorite Garnet

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Engagement Puzzle Rings in Tsavorite Garnet

Engagement Puzzle Rings in Tsavorite Garnet
We absolutely love puzzle rings with Tsavorite garnet. This is a naturally occurring green stone found only in Tanzania and Kenya. Though we are happy to make an emerald puzzle ring for anyone who wants it, we find that four of five clients who approach us for an emerald puzzle ring ultimately opt to go with Tsavorite garnet. Why? Tsavorite garnet is a care-free stone that is a beautiful bright green with high clarity. Emerald is very rarely a bright green, and it is rare to find an emerald with high clarity. It can be done, don’t get me wrong. But a high clarity emerald is generally very much more costly than a typical emerald, and, no matter what, an emerald is a brittle stone. It breaks very easily, and if you have it in a setting that holds it up off the puzzle ring, then it is easy to bang it on something and break it. You also must take care to not make emerald hot. No washing dishes, bathing, showering, etc. with your emerald puzzle ring. Furthermore, emerald must be oiled annually to keep it “healthy.” 

Not so with Tsavorite garnet. You can make it hot. It is not brittle, so it would take a lot to break it. And you don’t have to oil it. So we love this stone, and we have a fabulous supplier of very high grade Tsavorite garnet, so we can easily source this stone in round, marquise, and princess cut. We may even be able to source it in cushion cut. The size range is excellent, so no matter how big you want your stone, we can accommodate your desire. 

This ring is shown with a 1/2CT Tsavorite garnet. It’s on a four band, medium-weight puzzle ring with an open weave, and it’s paired with a shadow band made from an original hand-carved wax, made to go precisely with the very puzzle ring shown.











With a 1CT Tsavorite garnet, as shown below, on a 14K gold puzzle ring with a standard weave, the puzzle must be a bit heavier. This ring is shown in a medium heavy weight, in order to be strong enough to bear a stone of this weight. This particular Tsavorite garnet fairly glows!

one carat tsavorite garnet puzzle ring in 14K yellow gold

A one carat tsavorite garnet on a medium heavy weight 14K yellow gold puzzle ring with 14K white gold setting



The same ring shown on the finger. It’s graceful and beautiful from every angle. 

One carat 4 piece puzzle ring in medium-heavy 14k yellow gold and 1ct marquise tsavorite green garnet

Handcrafted four band puzzle ring with 1CT marquise green garnet in 14k yellow gold with 14k white gold setting shown on hand. Note the puzzle ring is made in a medium heavy weight necessary to hold the 1CT stone.












The ring below was the very first Tsavorite garnet puzzle ring we made. It’s in platinum. What impressed me the most, when I first saw this stone was the depth and variation of color in it. It had yellow green, it had blue green, it was really more vibrant than the photograph shows. It is notoriously difficult to photograph gemstones and diamonds! The Tsavorite garnets we get these days are not quite as dark as this one looks, more like the one set in the yellow gold puzzle ring shown above.











And here is one in a princess-cut in an Avalon setting. 


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