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Welcome to Crystal Realm’s collection of fine engagement and wedding rings. Here you will find custom bridal sets you will find nowhere else! If you have ideas for your rings that you do not see pictured on our site, please do call Mandira at 1-866-573-7381 or email her at “mf AT” where you change the “AT” to @.

We can customize your rings in many ways. Select almost any gemstone in round, square (princess-cut or step-cut) or marquise shapes. Yes, we can mount a bigger stone, though 3/4CT and larger diamonds or gemstones will be on slightly heavier puzzle rings. Custom poesy rings can have the wording of your choice in the language you choose (you provide correct lettering for foreign language phrases not shown on our site).

You will find we offer exceptional, personalized service. Thank you for visiting, and have fun browsing through our ring collections.

Diamond Puzzle Engagement Rings
Diamond puzzle engagement rings with or without complementing wedding bands
Diamond puzzle engagement rings with or without poesy, Celtic, or shadow band wedding rings. Our made-to-order, hand-woven puzzle engagement rings, are absolutely stunning and will blow away any idea you had about traditional engagement rings.
Colored Gemstone Puzzle Engagement Rings
Colored gemstone puzzle engagement rings
Colored gemstone puzzle engagement rings – We make these with any stone you want, given its availability, in round, marquise, or square (princess-cut or step-cut) shapes. Some stones are also available in the antique square shape.
Design ideas for custom shadow bands to pair with your puzzle engagement ring
See design ideas for custom shadow bands to pair with your puzzle engagement ring
Made-to-order, shadow bands are available in a wide variety of designs – whether you select a design on our site or ask us to create your own idea, you will have a one-off, original band to go with your hand-woven puzzle engagement ring.
Puzzle commitment & wedding rings
Hand-woven puzzle wedding rings in 14K yellow, white, or rose gold; palladium or platinum; or combinations of colors and/or metals
We offer some of the most strikingly original puzzle rings, based on inspiration from Celtic knotwork, representing the linking and bonding of your love relationship. Genuine puzzle rings really do come apart and go back together with our excellent video, animated, and written instructions.
Poesy rings for women and men
Poesy rings are Renaissance reproductions displaying romantic sentiments
Gold & platinum poesy commitment and wedding rings
Sterling silver poesy commitment and wedding rings

Poesy Rings are licensed reproductions of actual Renaissance era rings. Each expresses a Poesy ( poem) conveying a romantic sentiment. Explore poesy rings in English, French, Gaelic (shown above), Hebrew, German, Russian, Italian, Latin, and Olde English. A special section is also devoted to Christian poesy rings.

Celtic commitment and wedding rings  
The rich symbolism of Celtic wedding rings is cherished throughout the ages

Our exquisite Celtic wedding bands are made in Ireland and stamped in the Dublin Assay Office in Dublin Castle. This is the oldest assay office in the world. Your ring will thus have one of the most coveted “hallmarks,” known the world over for identifying rings of excellence and beauty. Wear Celtic knots, spirals, shields, or claddagh symbols to signify your eternal love and connectedness.