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Track Your Order!

Estimated Ship Dates
When our tracker says “Estimated Ship Date,” we mean exactly that. It’s an estimate. When an item is being custom made, for example, we don’t know ahead of time exactly what day it will ship. So please don’t panic if the estimated ship date has passed and you haven’t received an email with your tracking number. (There is also always a possibility that your order shipped, but we didn’t get the order tracker updated, especially when we’re busy.)

Contact us, if you wish, and we’ll find out exactly when you can expect your order to ship, if it truly hasn’t already.

Find Your Order Ship Date and Tracking Number
To view the status of your order, please enter the following information:
Shipping Email Address (required) (If you entered your billing email address as the shipping email address, enter it)
Shipping Zip Code (required)
If you have multiple orders, you can pull up a specific one by adding your Order ID#, or you can access all orders by leaving that field blank.

Now Track Your Package
Once you learn your tracking number and means of delivery, select your tracking number and copy it (Control/C key); return to this page, and click on one of the links below. Paste in your tracking number, and you will see the details of your package, including estimated date of delivery.

Track your package sent via FedEx.
Track your package sent via UPS
Track your package sent via USPS

If there is a problem with delivery of your package, call:
FedEx 1-800-463-3339
UPS 1-800-742-5877

Please have your tracking number ready for the representative.

If you can’t resolve the problem directly with the shipping company, then call Mandira at 1-866-573-7381

If there is any issue with your order, once you get it, please call Mandira at 1-866-573-7381.

Thank you!