Sapphire Puzzle Engagement Rings in 3 Styles

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Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Sapphire Puzzle Engagement Rings in 3 Styles

Hello, Stacey,

For a puzzle ring with a princess-cut or a round sapphire, then there are three potential styles for you to consider.

So let me take you on a tour – though I will caution you that some pictures won’t have a sapphire, as I want to show you the different styles, and not all  have been photographed with a sapphire. Indeed, not all of these styles will be shown with an open weave, and that is the weave preferable for mating with a shadow band.





This is the Guinevere style, shown with a 0.40CT round sapphire – I’d want to go a little bigger on your stone if you go with round  (this is 4mm in diam, and a 4.5mm or even 5mm looks better with a shadow band).


Here is an example of a Guinevere puzzle ring with a 0.60CT to 0.63CT princess-cut blue sapphire. Again this is a tight weave, but it looks lovely with the open weave.


A Guinevere puzzle ring with a 0.375CT, 3.75mm sapphire, and a Celtic knotwork shadow band. This is what platinum will look like. It’s very white and bright.

DCF 1.0

Now for a Guinevere with a 4mm, princess-cut sapphire and a simple, two-millimeter shadow band.

DCF 1.0

This first image shows an Athena style – this is a round stone in a very secure, six-prong setting on a medium weight puzzle ring. We usually do this with a tight weave, as shown, but it could certainly be done with an open weave. (Shown is aquamarine, but it is lovely with sapphire.)


This is the Avalon style shown with a blue sapphire and an open weave. Notice the stone setting is a medium-low height, and it has rather chunky prongs. This setting does not tend to get caught on things. A princess-cut stone can have this orientation or the setting can be turned 45 degrees for a “kite” orientation. This setting can also hold a round stone. It’s a little more  of a contemporary in design.


Here is another Avalon with an open weave. This ring is a little bit heavier — we call it the just-over-medium-weight — and is set with a 5mm blue topaz stone. 


A Guinevere with a one-carat sapphire on a just-over-medium-weight puzzle ring. This is definitely a lot more ring.


As for pricing: Please feel free to call me toll-free from the U.S. and Canada at 1-866-573-7381.

Mostly what is available in sapphire right now is AA.  Though AAA is a technically a slightly higher grade, you really need to be a trained gemologist to tell the difference. Truthfully with a lot of stones, we like to use AA, because it saves you money and most of us can’t tell the difference. 

We can also source larger, certified gemstones, if you prefer. Certified stones are certainly desirable – they usually have some outstanding characteristics. They are normally larger – about 3/4CT and up.

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