Platinum Engagement Puzzle Rings, Bridal Sets, & Wedding Rings

Puzzle rings are fun and fascinating, so why not propose with a platinum engagement puzzle ring? Why do brides P.R.E.F.E.R. platinum?

P. Purity. Platinum is pure metal, just like your intention for your marriage. R – Rarity. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, as rare as the love you feel. E – Enduring. Platinum is more malleable than gold and displaces when scratched. (Meaning that the metal is not lost when scratched.) What better symbol of your enduring commitment than that? It also ‘work-hardens’ with wear, meaning it becomes more durable over time. Platinum does not wear away over the years like gold does. F – Feels wonderfully significant. Platinum weighs more and therefore feels sturdier than gold or palladium. E – Think of her emotions, well, really, her feelings – Brides feel better in platinum. R – Real white. No need to rhodium plate this metal (as is done with most 14K white gold, though not our white gold posy or puzzle rings which are therefore a slightly off-white). S –Security. Securely holds stones in place

And . . . in 2019, there has not been a better time in 15 years to buy platinum. It is even less costly than palladium at this time!

We will happily make any puzzle ring or bridal set on our site in platinum. We also make men’s wedding puzzle rings in platinum. If she has a four band platinum engagement puzzle ring, we will make your wedding puzzle ring with the same number of bands, the same weave, but in a heavier weight suitable for a man. Or in any style you choose.