Puzzle Rings - Platinum

Puzzle rings are fun and fascinating, so why not propose with a platinum engagement puzzle ring. She will show off her skill in assembling her puzzle ring to her friends and loved ones after using our puzzle ring assembly video. We will make a platinum engagement puzzle ring in 3, 4, 5, or 6 bands for a puzzle ring perfectly proportioned to the stone you choose. You may choose a marquise shape, a princess-cut (square) or a round stone for your engagement puzzle ring. The entire puzzle ring including the bands and the stone setting(s) will be platinum. Platinum puzzle rings are the ultimate in quality. Platinum is naturally white, dense, and durable over time. Platinum is softer to work with initially, which is one reason many jewelry artists love to work with it. But it work-hardens with wear, which means that over time, a platinum puzzle ring is more durable than a puzzle ring in any other metal. We also make men’s wedding puzzle rings in platinum. If she has a four band platinum engagement puzzle ring, we will make your wedding puzzle ring with the same number of bands, the same weave, but in a heavier weight suitable for a man.