Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with Standard Weave in 14K Rose Gold

Marquise four piece puzzle ring with one third carat diamond and standard weave in 14k rose gold
Marquise four piece puzzle ring with one third carat diamond and standard weave in 14k rose gold

Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with Standard Weave in 14K Rose Gold

From 1/3CT Diamond, Shown


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Item # MQ-DIA-SW-8974

Search no more for an engagement ring as original and beautiful as she is. Truly one of the most unique engagement rings in the world, this genuine diamond puzzle ring is feminine and flattering on the hand, while drawing compliments from those who gaze in astonishment at a ring the likes of which they have never before seen.

A working puzzle ring, styled after legendary Celtic knotwork rings, this ring comes apart and goes back together easily with the animated and video instructions we provide under the link below. Rarely will you find a diamond engagement ring that will provide such fun and fascination.

Endless knots representing the interconnectedness of all things and all life have been used throughout history in Ireland and other Celtic regions. They have been used to decorate manuscripts, such as the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells. They are found on crosses and churches throughout Ireland, as they were absorbed into Christian iconography over the years. Your puzzle ring is inspired by Celtic knotwork, representing the eternal nature of your love.

Your puzzle ring will be hand-woven, in contrast to the majority of puzzle rings which are cast from molds. Our brilliant puzzle ring artist will hand weave your engagement ring precisely for the stone that you select, its very shape and size, so your puzzle ring will be a true, one-off original.

Your options: This diamond puzzle ring starts with a 1/3CT diamond, shown. Please refer to our drop- down list, below, to see add-on prices for different sizes of diamonds. Diamonds larger than .72CT require a heavier puzzle ring, so if you love this ring, we recommend choosing a diamond no larger. Available in sizes 3-10.5; other and quarter sizes upon request.

Precious metal:  This ring is made of 14K rose gold.

Select your weave: The marquise diamond ring on this page has a standard weave. You may select an open or a tight weave, if you prefer.

The marquise diamond puzzle ring is artisan-crafted to your order in the U.S. and is exclusively offered by Crystal Realm.

When you use our ring sizer prior to our making your ring, we guarantee your fit. You may order the sizer before you order your ring. Or when you order your sizer at the time of your ring order, we’ll hold your order until you confirm your size by email. 

Once you’re used our sizer, if we deliver your ring, and it does not fit, we pay for the round-trip shipping for your free ring resize or replacement within the U.S. and provide a discount for overseas shipping.

There are two ways to request our sizer:
1. Order your ring sizer for a modest fee before you order your ring(s): Order your ring sizer here.
2. Request a sizer as part of your order at the time that you order your ring(s), and we will hold your order, send your sizer, and wait for an email from you with your size(s).
In either case, we will mail a ring sizer to you promptly. This is a physical, plastic set of rings in whole and half sizes that you can play with until you are certain you have a correct size. And if you find one plastic ring is too big and one is too small, we can make a quarter size for you. Please follow our included instructions for best fit.

Purchasing Your Dream Diamond

We guarantee that the center diamond on your puzzle engagement ring will sparkle and look gorgeous on her hand. We carefully select color, cut, clarity, and carat weight to meet the specs that we promise for your Crystal Realm diamond engagement ring.

All white diamonds from 0.375CT up are certified and come with one free year of insurance against loss. We offer the very same promise of sparkle and beauty no matter what size you select.

In fact, we hand-select every single diamond and/or colored gemstone that we place in a puzzle ring. We do not buy ‘lots’ of varying quality stones that we have to sell to our customers. We pick your stone(s) just for you and the very ring you have ordered.

Your Certified Diamond
Certified Stuller Diamonds™ are carefully selected and individually graded. All diamonds of 0.375CT or greater are certified. This means as long as you select a diamond of 3/8ths carat or greater, we guarantee that your diamond will be certified.

Although not all 1/3CT diamonds are certified, at least 80% of the time we are able to provide a certified 1/3CT diamond within our typical delivery time of up to 2.5 weeks. If your need-by date is very close, we may not be able to do so, so please order early.  Recently a potential customer stated to Mandira, “If it’s not certified, it’s junk!”  We beg to differ. Certification documents the existing quality of a diamond. However, quality can exist independent of documentation of that quality. We promise that if we place a non-certified diamond in your ring, we will provide a quality diamond that matches — or comes extremely close to — the specifications of our certified diamonds as shown below. The certification process is expensive, so it’s not usually applied to smaller diamonds, but that doesn’t mean smaller diamonds can’t have wonderful quality. The bottom line? Your smaller diamond will be beautiful and sparkly, and you will be delighted.

We promise that your certified white diamond will have the following Four ‘Cs’:
Color:  D-E-F, which is the top of the D to Z color scale
Clarity:  At least SI2, SI1 or VS clarity, all of which have no ‘birthmarks,’ known as inclusions, visible without a microscope. When we can provide a higher clarity stone at the price you have paid, we will do so. If you know you want VS quality and no lower, please contact us.
Carat:  The carat weight you ordered.
Cut:  A cut that will make your diamond sparkle.

Diamond secrets
The three characteristics of a diamond that show on the hand are cut, color, and carat weight, or, more specifically, millimeter dimensions.*  The cut is the most important quality for sparkle.

Clarity:  As long as a diamond is “eye clean,” meaning that no inclusions are seen with the unaided eye, then higher clarity can only be seen under a microscope. This is the biggest secret that many jewelers won’t tell you, and this is where you can save money to put into the characteristics visible on the hand. An SI2 diamond, for example, has teensy inclusions that can only be seen at 10x magnification. A VVS2 diamond has teensier inclusions that can only be seen at 25x magnification. So if you can’t see any inclusions in an SI2 diamond without a microscope, and you choose to pay more for a VVS1 diamond, for example, then you are paying for quality that doesn’t make a difference to how gorgeous the diamond looks on the hand. For a diamond you want to put in a safe, it might be a good idea. But for a diamond to be worn daily, maybe you don’t need the very highest clarity possible. It’s really up to you.

Don’t get me wrong – we will get you the diamond you want. So while we offer excellent specs when you order online, if you call us at 1-866-573-7381, Mandira will work with you to find the diamond that you desire.

Still, you can use this important information about clarity along with the following information to afford a larger diamond than you might otherwise.

Color:  Another way to save money is to slide down the color scale to G, H, or I color Why would we do this? If you want a larger stone than your budget permits, then taking a SI1 or SI2 clarity diamond in G or H color may allow you to acquire the higher carat weight you want. The reason we say this is that D-E-F colors are known as “colorless,” and G-H-I colors are known as “near-colorless,” but if you are not a trained gemologist with the right equipment, you won’t discern the difference between, for example, E color and G-H-I color.

When a client comes to us with a request for a diamond of 0.70CT or greater, we will offer you diamond choices. Some folks want a 1CT or greater and in order to swing a quality larger diamond, we can often bring the price of the ring down by entertaining a diamond with G, H, or I color along with clarity of, say, SI2 or SI1. The SI2 and SI1 clarity diamonds are the most plenteous in the world. If you know statistics, then you’ll know what we mean when we say that diamonds with this clarity are clustered around the center of the normal curve. Diamonds with higher clarity are rarer, and thus they are more expensive.

Size, No Matter How You Measure It:  *Why do millimeter dimensions matter? It’s because we can see the diameter of, say, a round stone or the length and width of a marquise or princess-cut diamond, for example, which are measured in millimeters. A greater depth for a given carat weight means the diamond has a smaller diameter or a shorter length or width. A shallower depth means the length, width, or diameter of a diamond will appear larger.

When we select a diamond we pay close attention to the millimeter dimensions. This is especially true for marquise-shaped diamonds — a longer length can make the stone appear more like a diamond of a larger carat weight. Another reason we pay attention to millimeter dimensions is this — let’s say you order a Guinevere with a princess-cut diamond. It’s a square. But square diamonds aren’t necessarily square. Lots of them have a length and width that don’t match. For example: 4.05 mm x 4.35 mm. When we place a “square” diamond in a puzzle ring in a “kite orientation,” that is, with the points of the diamond at N-S-E-W, it really matters how square the diamond is. That’s why we typically look for a square diamond with sides that are very close to each other: more like 4.05 mm x 4.10 mm. We sweat the details for you, so you have a ring that meets your expectations in every way!

And Cut – How Does Your Diamond Sparkle? Cut matters, because it is the number one characteristic that accounts for your diamond’s sparkle. We don’t really care how high your other specifications are, because if your diamond doesn’t sparkle, nothing else matters. So we privilege cut over all other characteristics. The weird secret of diamond sparkle, though, is this: almost all diamonds  sparkle — a lot! And if a diamond doesn’t sparkle, it really does mean something is wrong. That could be a poor cut. There are several characteristics that go into a cut: Symmetry, make, and polish, but of these three, it’s symmetry that matters the most.

Cleaning Your Diamond for Maximum Sparkle:  We’ve only ever had one client who contacted us about their diamond not sparkling. They’d had it for about three months, and it turned out it just needed to be steam cleaned. Diamonds pick up our finger oils, soaps, lotions, etc. So it’s a good idea to clean your diamond regularly. Super hot water with an organic cleaner and a clear rinse will do it. Or the steam from your coffee maker. It doesn’t have to be a fancy procedure. If you buy a can of “compressed air,” you can dry your diamond very quickly and reduce the possibility of minerals drying onto your ring from the water.

Additional Six-Way Guarantee for Every Certified Diamond

1. A Promise Above All Others: Each Stuller Diamond™  is a unique gift of nature you will cherish for a lifetime. Not thrilled with your diamond? Contact us, and we will replace it.

  1. Accurate Grading: Each Stuller Diamond™ comes with a diamond report. We guarantee our reports provide accurate grading. In the future, if you have your diamond graded by any of the following independent gem labs (GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI or EGL), and the original grade of the stone was incorrect, we will exchange or adjust the price of your Stuller Diamonds™.
  2. Free Diamond Loss Protection for One Year for Diamonds Residing in the U.S. or Canada: All Stuller Diamonds™ come with free insurance against loss for one full year. You will have worldwide coverage against theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance. You MUST fax or mail the insurance document in to the address on the form that accompanies your puzzle ring. The postmark or fax date is the day the insurance begins. There is no deductible. Please note the Free Loss Protection program covers only the diamond, not the puzzle ring.Before the year is up, we recommend that you insure the ring on your homeowner’s policy or through  Jeweler’s Mutual offers coverage against mysterious disappearance, which means that if you lose the ring or the diamond, you will not have to file a police report as is usually required by a homeowner’s policy.
  3. Guaranteed Trade-Up Value: Have confidence that your diamond will hold its value over time. Contact us when you are ready for a bigger or more valuable Stuller Diamond®. Return your ring to us for diamond replacement, and receive a credit toward your new Stuller Diamond® purchase. Diamonds must be in their original condition to qualify for the trade-up Program. (We will likely need to make a new ring to accommodate a larger diamond, so if she’s very attached to her existing ring, we don’t recommend it. If you do decide to go ahead, we will cut you a deal on the new ring and you’ll pay a modest price for the ring and the difference in the value of the new diamond when compared to the original diamond.)
  4. Secure Identity: You can have peace of mind that the diamond you purchased is one-of-a-kind. Each Stuller Diamond® has the serial number from the grading report etched on its girdle. This number allows for proof-positive identification.
  5. Perfect Custom Diamond Engraving upon Request: We will laser engrave your secret message of love on your diamond for a nominal fee. Ask us for details.


Guaranteed U.S. delivery: Order by Wednesday evening, any week, and receive the engagement ring two weeks from the following Friday, i.e. Friday two weeks later. 

Outside the US: Depending upon where you are, delivery may take up to five days more than that described above.


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