Engagement Puzzle Ring – Six-Band Guinevere with Cushion-Cut Anthill Garnet

6 piece puzzle ring with cushion cut anthill garnet and 14k yellow and white gold
6 piece puzzle ring with cushion cut anthill garnet and 14k yellow and white gold
6 piece puzzle ring with cushion cut anthill garnet

Engagement Puzzle Ring – Six-Band Guinevere with Cushion-Cut Anthill Garnet


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Item # 6B-GUIN-13264

Our six-band Guinevere, Renaissance-styled puzzle engagement ring, is perfect for the woman for whom a traditional engagement ring holds no appeal. Making this Guinevere puzzle ring completely unique is an anthill garnet, a truly red, naturally occurring gemstone which is found in only one part of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Ants remove these stones from their anthills, depositing them on the surface of the earth. When found, they are then faceted and placed in our ring, making this puzzle ring an amazingly original work of art. Please note that most of our Guinevere puzzle rings have four bands, and this one is made with six bands for a more substantial ring. Our puzzle ring styles are named for the very setting that holds the gemstone, thus no matter the number of bands, this square setting signifies a Guinevere ring.

A working puzzle ring, styled after legendary Celtic knotwork rings, this ring comes apart and goes back together easily with the video, animated, and written instructions we provide under a link below on this page. Rarely will you find a diamond engagement ring that will provide such fun and fascination.

Your puzzle ring will be hand-woven, in contrast to the majority of puzzle rings which are cast from molds. Our brilliant puzzle ring artist will custom weave your engagement ring precisely for the stone that you select, its very shape and size, so your puzzle ring will be a true, one-off original.

The base price on this page is for this ring with a 5.5mm cushion cut anthill garnet on a 14K yellow gold puzzle ring with a 14K white gold setting. You may select from other precious metals, below.

Weave: This puzzle ring requires an open weave. Open weave puzzle rings are most popular when they are to be worn without a band, or, alternatively, if you wish to order a contoured shadow band that fits the side of the puzzle ring very closely. This particular design cannot be done in a tight or standard weave.

Sizes:  Select from whole, half, and quarter sizes 3 – 10.5. Other sizes are available upon request.

Artisan-crafted and hand-woven to your order in the U.S.

When you use our ring sizer prior to our making your ring, we guarantee your fit. You may order the sizer before you order your ring. Or when you order your sizer at the time of your ring order, we’ll hold your order until you confirm your size by email. 

Once you’re used our sizer, if we deliver your ring, and it does not fit, we pay for the round-trip shipping for your free ring resize or replacement within the U.S. and provide a discount for overseas shipping.

There are two ways to request our sizer:
1. Order your ring sizer for a modest fee before you order your ring(s): Order your ring sizer here.
2. Request a sizer as part of your order at the time that you order your ring(s), and we will hold your order, send your sizer, and wait for an email from you with your size(s).
In either case, we will mail a ring sizer to you promptly. This is a physical, plastic set of rings in whole and half sizes that you can play with until you are certain you have a correct size. And if you find one plastic ring is too big and one is too small, we can make a quarter size for you. Please follow our included instructions for best fit.

Guaranteed U.S. delivery: Order by Wednesday evening, any week, with FedEx Express (Two Day) shipping, and receive the engagement ring two weeks from the following Friday, i.e. Friday two weeks later. Please contact Mandira for out-of-U.S. delivery times.


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