Posy Rings - Palladium and Platinum

In Rennaissance England or France, a wedding ring would invariably be inscribed with a sentiment of love, faith, and hope: a short love poem, known as a posy or poesy (pronounced the same). The popularity of these posy rings – or poesy rings – is attested to by their frequent mention in Shakespeare’s plays: “Is this the prologue or the poesy of a ring?” The tradition is dates to the 12th C., but it was during the Renaissance (14th-17th C.) that the custom reached the height of popularity. Very often a sterling silver betrothal ring would often be replaced with the same poesy ring in gold upon marriage. Though beautiful in gold, posy rings reach their apogee of excellence in platinum, the most naturally white, durable, and dense metal used in jewelry today.

At Crystal Realm, we are the posy ring specialists. Here is how our expertise benefits you. For your convenience, 1) we carry every style of posy ring all the time; 2) offer every style of posy ring in every metal: 14K white, yellow, and rose gold and platinum; 3) make custom rings also in palladium, a white, durable, non-allergenic, platinum-family metal; 4) offer whole, quarter, half, and three-quarter sizes; 5) offer custom as well as traditional posy rings; and 6) offer custom bridal sets in which poesy rings are paired with hand-woven puzzle engagement rings, exclusive to Crystal Realm.