Precious Metals Pledge

Crystal Realm’s Precious Metals Lifetime Pledge


We guarantee that the precious metals we sell are exactly what we say they are:
Sterling silver, 14 Kt gold, 18 Kt. gold, palladium and platinum. Please read our extraordinary pledge.

Our Lifetime Pledge to You:Here is our promise to you. If you ever doubt the metal that you receive from us, and you have it assayed, and it is not what we purport it to be, we will pay for your Assay Report, up to $100.00. Just send us a copy of the Assay Report. Include receipts for your Assay Report and the merchandise in question, along with the defective merchandise.We will send you a check for $100.00, plus we will launch a full investigation* up to having your jewelry remade and re-assayed.*At our discretion, we reserve the right to have your original jewelry re-assayed twice at two assay houses that are mutually agreeable to you and to Crystal Realm, before remaking it. If the results of two of the three assays show your jewelry to be deficient, then we will move to have it remade. The reason we reserve this right is that some of our jewelers make it a practice to always include MORE precious metal than they are legally required to in their jewelry. For example, our Celtic jewelers do this: they have every single piece of their gold, palladium, and platinum jewelry individually assayed at the Dublin Castle Assay Office, the oldest continually operating assay office in the world. Any jeweler who is willing to submit their jewelry to an assay for every piece is committed to ensuring their jewelry meets specifications, and the way they ensure this is by including more than the required 58.5% gold in 14K jewelry and more than the required amount in their other metals. Even though not every one of our jewelers has every piece individually assayed, we only work with jewelers we know very well, and we stand behind their work 100%. Precious Metals Content
14K gold is 58.5% gold and is stamped either 14K or 585, the European designation for 14K gold.18K gold is 75% gold and is stamped either 18K or 750, the latter of which is used in Europe to designate 18K gold.Please note that all of our gold Poesy rings are stamped 585 or 750.

Palladium jewelry is generally stamped PALL. (It is used 95% pure like platinum, but it is not stamped 950, because that means platinum.)Platinum jewelry is stamped with either 950 (because platinum jewelry is typically 95% platinum) or it is stamped with the capital letters PLAT. Platinum poesy rings carry the PLAT designation.Special Note re .925 Sterling Silver
Please note: Many people think that all sterling silver is stamped 925, (because sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals for strength). However, in our experience, some of it is stamped, and some of it isn’t. While there is a federal law in the U.S. that says it must be stamped sterling silver or 925, and in Europe the law specifies that it be stamped 925, these laws are not enforceable, so not everyone complies. Furthermore, many countries whose artisans produce sterling silver jewelry do not have such laws.The best guarantee of receiving sterling silver is knowing your suppliers. And you can take comfort from the fact that raw silver is still inexpensive enough in 2009, that few people have any motivation to pass another metal off as sterling silver.All of our sterling silver poesy rings are stamped 925. Silver puzzle rings are stamped 925 or SS.“We’ve known our jewelers or have known of them for many years. They are all extremely reputable, and we are very confident that their sterling silver is what it is supposed to be. We’ve seen enough jewelry from companies producing .725 silver that, just by sight, Tom and I can generally recognize quality sterling silver. But our most important tool is knowing our jewelers,” Mandira, Crystal Realm Co-Founder.