Oval Color-Change Sapphire Puzzle Engagement Ring

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Oval Color-Change Sapphire Puzzle Engagement Ring

Our spectacular, oval, color-change sapphire engagement ring is a genuine, platinum, four-band puzzle ring. Its Celtic style is beautifully enhanced by a Renaissance-style gemstone setting.

While this ring is shown in platinum, you may also select this ring in 14K white, rose, or yellow gold or four colors of 14K gold (yellow, white, rose, and green).

oval color change sapphire engagement puzzle ring

Puzzle engagement ring bearing an oval blue-to-purple color change sapphire


oval color change sapphire puzzle engagement ring
1 CT, oval color change sapphire puzzle
engagement ring

Oval color-change blue-to-purple sapphire puzzle ring
We love the style of the setting holding the
1 CT blue-to-purple color change sapphire. 

An interesting fact about colored gemstones is that most are cut to calibrated sizes. This means stones are cut to specifically regulated sizes, for example:
6 mm x 4 mm
7 mm x 5 mm
8 mm x 6 mm

Diamonds, on the other hand, are not cut to regulation sizes. This means that, for example, oval diamonds will have varying lengths and widths such as, for example, 6.4 mm x 4.3 mm. This can also be true of higher-quality colored gemstones such as this sapphire. The gem-quality sapphire shown in this ring is in the 1 CT range, and at this level of quality and carat weight, the length and width will be non-calibrated. Yours will be expected to have a length of 6 mm to 7mm and a width of 4 mm to 5 mm.  The carat weight may vary between about 0.95 CT and 1.1 CT, as this range is considered the “1 CT” range.

We will be delighted to create the engagement ring of your dreams – with any colored genuine gemstone or diamond on a puzzle ring of three bands or more. You may have your choice of precious metal or metals, width, weight, and color or colors. Contact Mandira to discuss your needs.

And please remember, if you prefer a lab-created diamond or gemstone, we’re happy to provide just want you want!

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