Moissanite? Yes!

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Moissanite? Yes!

We love moissanite for many reasons. It is gorgeous and more sparkly than diamonds. It is a sustainable, and conflict-free gemstone. (Let’s be clear, though, that all of Crystal Realm’s earth-sourced diamonds are conflict-free and ethically mined.) And they are affordable, especially when you get into the larger stones when compared with diamonds. 

Moissanite is a rare mineral found in nature, but the company that creates moissanite today does so in a lab. Each gemstone is artfully crafted, is socially responsible, and is eternally brilliant!

We can make any engagement puzzle ring on our site that is shown with a faceted stone with moissanite. Currently, we have only a few moissanite rings listed in our store – under colored-gemstones, as that is also where lab-created colored gemstones are found. So until we get a dedicated moissanite section on our site, please feel free to email or call Mandira at 1-866-573-7381 with your needs.

Great news! We were under the impression that marquise moissanites had been discontinued by their maker, but that is not the case. So we can use marquise, princess-cut, and round moissanite, as pictured in rings on our site. We can also use Asscher, cushion cut, and square (step-cut) stones. 

Here are examples of rings and moissanite shapes. Please note we make all of our engagement puzzle rings in all metals: 14K white, rose, yellow gold, and four colors of 14K gold; palladium (an affordable platinum family metal); and platinum. Many of our clients order platinum moissanite rings, because they save on the gemstone and splurge on the metal. We also offer any combination of these metals that you wish to have.

Another note: usually the sellers of moissanite publish either the carat weight or the millimeter size, but not both. One seller we don’t often buy from states only the carat weight. The seller we are able to get better prices from publishes the millimeter size. I know how to cross-reference some but not all of the sizes and shapes yet. 

Marquise moissanite engagement puzzle rings

Marquise diamond open-weave engagement puzzle ring with side emeralds shown in platinum and 14K rose gold

Marquise diamond engagement puzzle ring with a 0.70CT center stone and accent emeralds shown in platinum and 14K rose gold. A 0.70CT marquise moissanite is usually 9mm x 4.5mm. We can make this ring with or without side stones, which may be moissanite, lab-created emerald or the gemstone of your choosing.

Four band marquise diamond puzzle ring with tight weave

Tightly woven marquise four band, palladium puzzle ring. This is shown with a 1/3CT stone, but you can have up to a 0.70CT moissanite on this ring. Prices for this ring with moissanite are as follows: 0.35CT in palladium $1,358; in platinum $2,358. 0.50CT in palladium $1,475; in platinum $2,475. 0.70CT in palladium $1,925; in platinum $2,925. 0.1CT in palladium $2,200; in platinum $3,200. Please call for pricing of higher carat weights.












1CT range marquise diamond puzzle ring with optional diamond claddagh band

0.93CT marquise puzzle ring with optional claddagh
shadow band. The comparable
marquise moissanite ring
would be exactly 1CT, and the puzzle ring alone would
be about $2,200 in any precious metal ($3,500 in platinum),
compared with over $8,000 for a diamond ring. The claddagh
band or one that is very like it, as each shadow band is
a one-off original, is approximately $2,100 with two
0.06CT round moissanites in the cuffs.

Please call 1-866-573-7381 for further pricing on moissanite rings. As mentioned, you can select any engagement puzzle ring on our site, and we will make it in moissanite for you, in the precious metal or metals you want, with the size of moissanite you want, subject to availability. Sorry, we cannot do sterling silver with faceted stones. Sterling silver is not strong enough in a puzzle ring to bear a faceted stone with the setting it needs. Sterling silver will wear out far too quickly to justify the price we’d have to charge you, because most of the cost of our puzzle rings is in the labor and the stone.

guinevere six piece puzzle ring with princess cut diamond in 14k rose gold and palladium

A hand-woven six band, Guinevere puzzle ring with a 0.60CT
princess cut  moissanite in palladium and 14k rose gold. 

Guinevere 4 piece puzzle ring with a princess cut diamond

A medium weight, four band engagement puzzle ring in a Guinevere style with a princess cut diamond and an open weave. This is shown with a 1/2CT solitaire.

Guinevere puzzle engagement ring with three-quarter carat, princess-cut diamond

Three-quarter carat princess cut diamond, four band, engagement puzzle ring. The smallest moissanite we can set in this ring is a 0.90CT.  The next up is 1.20CT, then a 1.50CT, then a 1.92CT and so on up from there.












Athena four piece puzzle ring with round diamond and four colors 14k gold

Four band puzzle ring with round diamond and four colors of
14K gold. This ring is shown with a 1/3CT (about 4mm) clear
stone, but you can have it with a 4.5mm moissanite for $1,297
and with a roughly 5mm (about 3/4CT) moissanite on a slightly
heavier puzzle ring for about $1,697.


Platinum six band puzzle ring with round center moissanite and side diamonds

A six piece Athena Royale puzzle engagement ring bears a large center moissanite (0.80CT) and two accent moissanites – all in platinum.

four band puzzle ring with two carat moissanite in 14k yellow gold with open weave

Round moissanite Athena puzzle ring. This brilliant round stone is 8mm in diameter and 1.9CT. A comparable diamond ring would cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas this ring with a colorless (D-E-F color, top of range) in the 1.9CT is $3,297. This ring is available in lighter puzzle ring weights with smaller round moissanites.













Four piece puzzle ring with princess cut diamond and 11-diamond shadow wedding ring

Handmade cushion cut moissanite band puzzle ring with round
moissanite shadow wedding band.
The cushion moissanite
center is 4.5mm (about 0.45CT). The shadow band clear stones
are 1.7mm wide, but in moissanite, they will be 2.5mm, just a
little wider. The price of this set is $3,927 with this size center.
It is also available in your choice of larger center moissanite.

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