Lifetime Puzzle Ring Services

We offer long-term care, resizes, and quoted repairs if needed at any time for your Crystal Realm puzzle ring. Most resizes and repairs are free, and if there is a charge, it is generally only because it will cost us money to do your repair. Since you will need to pay the round-trip shipping of your ring to us, we like to keep rates low or nil.

It is to your benefit to have us do all work on your puzzle ring because our rates are either nothing or much lower than a local jeweler’s would be since we made your ring and are committed to its well-being.  Plus you can rest assured that the change to your ring will be done right, the first time! 

Too Many Brides in Tears
Mandira: “I’ve lost count of how many people have contacted me after a jeweler resized or otherwise changed their Crystal Realm puzzle ring.  Rarely, an honest jeweler tells the ring owner that s/he doesn’t know how to work on a puzzle ring.  (We don’t like to bad-mouth other jewelers, but honestly!!) more often, jewelers say, “Oh, yeah, I work on puzzle rings all the time.”  Even if it were true, those rings are probably cast from molds (lost-wax casting method), not hand-woven, as our rings are.  Other jewelers do not know how to work on our rings, which have a very particular proprietary treatment to the bands, to ensure perfect comfort and fit.”

Full Print Disclaimer:
If you have another jeweler work on your ring at any time, this voids our pledge of long-term care for your ring. We no longer fix other jewelers’ mistakes on our puzzle rings without a charge to you. 

Our Services for Your Gold, Palladium, or Platinum Puzzle Ring(s)
1. One free resize for gold, palladium, or platinum puzzle rings within three months of receipt. If you used our sizer prior to order, then shipping is free, as well, within the U.S. Discounted rates apply for shipping outside the U.S.
2. Later or subsequent resizing at greatly reduced rates (compared to other jewelers who would charge at least $40 per band, though they are not trained or qualified to resize puzzle rings)
1/2 size up = $35.00
More than 1/2 size up $75.00
Down by any amount $75.00
3. A free annual polish for gold, palladium, or platinum along with cleaning your precious or colored gemstones. We will polish your Crystal Realm wedding bands, too. We automatically clean and polish your ring when you send it for sizing or repair.
See instructions on how to clean your ring at home to keep your diamond or gemstone sparkling (since who wants to wait a year between cleanings?)
4. Repairs quoted upon receipt
5. Assemble your ring if you are having difficulty
6. We always stand ready to swap out a diamond or colored stone, if you are not thrilled with yours. We have so far only had to do so once since I began working with our puzzle ring maker in 2005.

For all services, you pay the round-trip shipping on our FedEx account. We have a special contract with FedEx for insuring items with a value of over $1,000.00. Your ring will be fully insured and traceable. The additional benefit to you of shipping on our FedEx account is that if there is a loss, we file the claim. It’s only happened once, and in that case, we had the new ring made by the time the claim was paid within five days after the loss.