Easy Crystal Realm Layaway

Crystal Realm Layaway Services


We welcome you to place items of $150.00 (individually or together) or greater on layaway.We’ll Customize Your Layaway Just for You – Just call us at 1-866-573-7381 within the U.S. or Canada. Or ask us to call you, if you live elsewhere.

Easy Peasy Layaway!

During your phone conversation with us, we’ll guide you to identify the items you wish to place on layaway and . . .
1. Decide when you want to receive your layaway items.
2. Decide if you want to pay monthly, biweekly, or weekly (in order to maintain an active layaway, at least one payment must be made per month).
3. Decide the first day of your payment.
4. We’ll divide number of months or weeks into your total balance and check to make sure you are comfortable with the amount and frequency of payments. Payments must be automated. Namely, we won’t set up a layaway with a deposit and then have you contact us to make individual payments. If you are uncertain of your ability to commit to regular payments, then it is likely our layaway service is not appropriate for your needs.
5. We’ll discuss payment options and agree on method of payment: automated credit or debit card payments, paypal, or money orders.
6. Mandira will provide a written, emailed schedule, so you’ll know when your payments are due.Extra Payments
If you wish to make an extra payment at any time, please email Mandira and make the payment in a multiple of your regular payment amount. For example, if your regular payment is $100, then make an extra payment of $100 or $200 or $300, etc., but not for $150.00

Early Payoff
You can pay off your layaway anytime you want, if you wish to receive it sooner.When your merchandise is paid for, we’ll ship the item(s) to you.

And if you need to cancel? We keep a $25.00 cancellation fee plus 5% of the money you’ve paid up until your cancellation date. That’s it! This basically covers our costs and nothing more.

Setting Up Your Layaway
We can do your layaway set-up by email or by telephone. In either case, if you wish to pay with a credit or debit card, we’ll need to discuss payment details by telephone, since email is not secure.Please email Mandira at Contact Us or call her toll-free at 1-866-573-7381 or 505-898-1107 with questions or to set up your layaway. Alternatively, you can click below to schedule an appointment on a day and time convenient to you. This is a great way to skip playing phone tag!

Schedule an appointmentLive Outside the U.S. and Canada?
If you live overseas, send Mandira an email with your phone number and a good window of time in which to reach you in your time zone, and she’ll call you at the time convenient for you to discuss your layaway.(If you’re in Europe, it’s best to give us Mandira an evening time to reach you).

Usually, our customers give us a credit or debit card number for charging the deposit and regular payments for their layaway. Please contact Mandira about your preferred payment method.

Your Receipts
Once we’ve set up your layaway, we’ll document all of your payments by email. We recommend that you save all the emails in a folder, so that you’ll have a complete record of your payments and your balance.