Diamond Gemstone Analysis

Complete Certified Gemstone Analysis for Diamonds of 0.375CT or Greater

Red Box Diamond® is the Registered Trademark of our world-class diamond supplier. Red Box Diamonds® are certified diamonds of .375CT or higher from our vendor.


You will receive a diamond analysis, showing all the specs of your diamond, including color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. complete, This is a Certified Gemstone Analysis of your diamond, signed by a Gemologist, and imprinted with the laser print of your diamond – it’s signature.

You will also receive a form for 1 Free Year of Insurance for your diamond (good if you live within the U.S. or Canada). Please be sure to send that in to the fax or email listed on the form as soon as you receive your ring. Please note this

If you have free insurance on your diamond for one year, please make sure you obtain an insurance policy on your ring prior to the end of your year of free insurance. We recommend using Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance for all of your engagement/wedding rings and other valuable jewelry

Free High Quality Ring Box Included
When you purchase a Red Box Diamonds® in one of our diamond rings, you will receive your ring in a chic ring box, perfect for the special moment when you ask her to be yours.