Diamond Buying Made Easy

Crystal Realm’s Diamond Buying Made Easy . . .
or How we Simplify the Diamond Ring Purchase Process for You

We are very proud to offer you rings with hand-selected diamonds and precious stones that are absolutely stunning and guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations or we will cheerfully and immediately swap out your stone..

Our Six-Way Diamond Guarantee.  No other online diamond retailer can offer you the extensive guarantees with which we routinely provide our customers. In addition, our world-class diamond supplier has only three tightly controlled sources for their diamonds. These mines are in Canada, Russia, and South Africa.  (Our Canadian diamonds are not inscribed with a maple leaf, as they are not part of Canada’s marketing program for Canadian diamonds.).  We regret that we cannot tell you from which of the three sources your diamonds originates. Please Read Our Six-Way Diamond Guarantee

Our Diamonds

On rings with 1/3 carat and larger diamonds, we can send you the diamond before it is mounted, if you wish. That way you can see the size and quality and approve it before it is set on your ring.

On the other hand, if you take delivery of your finished puzzle ring and you are not delighted with your stone, we will swap it out immediately for you. In this way, you can take delivery of your ring and see how the stone will actually look on your hand in order to decide if you love it.

Grades of Diamonds
There are different grades of diamond to choose from. The higher grade is VS. In the VS stones, internal flaws are difficult to locate with 10x magnification. The lower grade is SL1 or SL2, which have flaws which are easy to locate with 10x magnification. In either case, the diamonds show no flaws to the unaided eye. The higher price of the better diamond makes no visible difference.

Diamond Sizes
There are different sizes available in the Marquise shape as well as in a round  or princess-cut (square) diamond. Prices increase fast as the size increases over 1/3 carat, but stones of up to 0.72 carat in either shape will fit nicely in any of our medium-weight puzzle rings, whether in the Avalon, Guinevere, Athena, or Marquise style of puzzle ring. For larger gemstones or diamonds, we create a heavier puzzle ring so the gemstone is adequately supported. The larger wire gauge looks great with the larger stones.

3/8C Diamonds and Larger
Each 3/8 carat (.375CT) and larger diamond comes with a certificate specifying the weight, color, cut, and clarity. It is certified to be a genuine diamond of the grade indicated, and signed by a registered Gemologist. It also comes registered with Gemprint, along with the laser refraction print of the diamond. The dispersal pattern of laser light from a diamond is unique. So this print of the laser light is the signature of this particular diamond. Gemprint can tell your diamond from all others should identification be needed.

Please email Mandira about your requirements in a diamond or puzzle ring. You may also call her on her private toll-free line at 1-866-573-7381. She and I will make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.”