Carol Connors

Crystal Realm’s Biggest Fan – Carol Connors,
Academy Award Nominated Singer and Songwriter

A Few of Carol’s Many Musical Credits
Co-wrote the Rocky Theme Song, Gonna Fly Now, Nominated for an Academy Award
Co-wrote the love song, With You I’m Born Again (sung by Billy Preston)
Wrote Hey Little Cobra sung by the Rip Cords
She was the angel who sang, at 15 years of age, To Know Him is to Love Him – yes, that one! (as the lead singer of The Teddy Bears)
Nominated for 10 major music awards: Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes and two Oscars.


“Carol Connors was given, by friends, a beautiful orchid vase from Crystal Realm. This was the beginning of a long and lovely relationship which has developed into a friendship. CC has hosted Tom and me in her home, and has introduced us to many wonderful people in ‘Tinseltown’, particularly women philanthropists, of which CC is one.” Mandira, Co-founder of Crystal Realm
More Carol Connors & Celeb Friend Pictures
 Carol Connors and Clint Eastwood at the 2008 Orlando Film Festival Carol and Clint Eastwood at the 2008, Orlando Film Festival, which held the world premiere of the documentary Courting Condi.
Carol Connors, Barbi Benton and Jean Michel Cousteau June 2006, Jean Michel Cousteau, Barbi Benton (left) and Carol Connors were honored, at the 2006 Reef Check Foundation (Leo DiCaprio Chair) gala, for their work in saving reefs world-wide.

Ms. Benton’s and Ms. Connors mermaid awards, courtesy of Crystal Realm.

Shortly after this event, Mr. Cousteau met with President Bush and Mr. Bush announced the creation of the largest marine sanctuary in the world in the Hawaiian Islands

Carol Connors “These red hot lippps r never ever sealed when it comes 2 singing the praises of my astounding, exquisite orchid vase from Crystal Realm . . . “
Love CC

Carol Connors
2 time Academy Award Nominee

Singer-Sonwriter Carol Connors and her Orchid Vase from Crystal Realm

“Nature gives us the orchid… you, Crystal Realm, give us the orchid vase, both give us pause for thought… because both are touched by beauty…. Love CC”

Carol Connors
Singer/Songwriter nominated for
10 major music awards


Carol Connors with her Leopard Vase from Crystal Realm C.C. with her leopard vase from Crystal Realm, pictured on the grand piano given to C.C. by Kawai, in front of one of her two walls covered with music awards and commendations.
  More Items in CC’s Collection:
Butterfly Spreadwing Vase
Butterfly Cookie Plate
40mm Aurora Borealis Star Suncatcher
50mm Aurora Borealis Moon Suncatcher