4 Band Puzzle Rings

Assemble your Four Band Puzzle Ring
It’s super easy with our assembly instructions

Sit back, relax, and go repeatedly between video(s), starting, stopping, and reversing as necessary.  When you get stuck on one, move on to the next.  In this way, you’ll work your way through the instructions and put your four-band puzzle ring together.  With practice, you’ll assemble your puzzle ring in ten to twenty seconds.

In our 10-min. video immediately below, Mandira assembles a four-band marquise diamond puzzle ring.  We think this may be the longest, slowest, step-by-repeated-step, four-band puzzle ring assembly video available today.

The video lower on this page a five minute four-band assembly film. 

Instructions are the same, whether your puzzle ring has stone(s) or not.  Please note that if you have side stones, it might take a tad longer each time. Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, relax and enjoy the process of learning! You’ll find the results gratifying and well worth your effort.


A Five-Minute Four-Band Puzzle Ring Video Instructions
Just in case you think hand-weaving puzzle rings is easy, check out our puzzle ring artist’s hands!

Another Video Partially Devoted to Four-Band Puzzle Ring Assembly
Below is a video in which Mandira demonstrates putting together a four-band puzzle ring in the second half. The focus of this video is showing you a particular style of bridal set we make with a puzzle engagement ring and a fitted, custom, shadow band. So the “putting together of the puzzle ring” part of this video is not as detailed as the one above on this page. But we’ve posted it here in the interest of giving you more data for your decision-making.