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Marquise Aquamarine and Diamond Bridal Set in 14K Rose Gold


Simply bedazzling! We love this bridal set in 14K rose gold — such a warm and radiant color.  The open weave puzzle ring bears a 1/2 CT to 7/10ths... read more

New! Shadow Band for a “Tight Weave” or a “Standard Weave” Engagement Puzzle Ring


If you love a standard or tightly woven puzzle engagement ring, this is the shadow band for you! We are so excited to present this subtly curving ring that... read more

Remarkable Treasures Found in Wales


One thing we don’t typically experience in the U.S. is finding centuries-old artifacts under a farmer’s field. That very thing occurs in England and Wales on a fairly regular... read more

A 250 Year Old Posy Ring


Imagine finding a 250 year old, gold, posy ring. That’s exactly what happened when a gentleman in Kent, England was out recently. The article states:  The inscription is believed to... read more

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