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Check out Our New Six Band Engagement Puzzle Ring with a Marquise Ruby and Accent Diamonds


This ring was on our site long ago and then it fell off along the way. Recently a long-time customer ordered it for his wife, and we got new... read more

We are Over the Moon about Our New Gaelic-Lettered Shadow Band Bridal Set


We lost our hand-engraver some time ago when he retired from a long and illustrious career. How sad that someone of his talent – with genuine old-school training and... read more

A Marquise Rose-Cut Black Diamond Engagement Puzzle Ring Sparkles!


Increasingly popular black diamonds are a creative choice for the woman who wants a stone that is truly unique for her engagement ring. We’ve long offered black diamonds with... read more

At Last! Marquise Blue Topaz Engagement Puzzle Rings


I believe our first order for a marquise blue topaz engagement puzzle ring was in 2010. We’ve made a few since then, but it wasn’t until just this year... read more

See our first ever Trillion-Cut Gemstone on an Engagement Puzzle Ring


Brand new and simply breathtaking is a trillion-cut gemstone on a platinum and 14K rose gold engagement puzzle ring.  This gemstone is a purple/teal color change, lab-created alexandrite. Click on... read more

Shadow Bands Choices for an Engagement Puzzle Ring with a Tight Weave


For a long time, I’ve been encouraging clients to go with an open weave for a puzzle ring destined to be paired with a shadow wedding band. The shapeliness... read more

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