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New! Sparkling Diamond Shadow Wedding/Anniversary Band


Experience the elegance of a modified diamond shadow band that gorgeously complements your engagement puzzle ring. This unique design doesn’t follow every intricate detail of a puzzle ring; instead,... read more

Posy Ring with Mystery Message Found Near Sherwood Forest


Can you imagine the thrill of responding to a signal while you are out metal detecting and finding a historical treasure? And then to learn that this treasure has... read more

Rings of Antiquity


I want to share a lovely article by Beth Bernstein: “a jewelry historian, jewelry expert, and collector of period and modern jewel (sic) and a purveyor of all things... read more

Are Contemporary Black Diamonds Genuine Diamonds?


Black diamonds have seen a surge of popularity over the past few years. They’ve been in the spotlight since Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City (Sarah Jessica Parker’s... read more

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