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Puzzle Rings - Eastbourne Five-Loop with Twisted X

Puzzle Rings - Eastbourne Five-Loop with Twisted X  

Palladium or 14K White Gold with 14K Yellow Gold

Item # 5LP-WVNTW-1819

The Eastbourne original, hand-woven, 5-loop puzzle ring offers a unique style with a high level of assembly difficulty (find an instructional video under a link below). The ring is woven the same as our Madison four-band puzzle rings, with one crucial difference: notice the fifth band that crosses the center of the front X. It makes for a very chic and beautiful design along with a challenging puzzle. The version pictured here also has a “twisted X” for a new and different look.

Available in a medium weight. Please contact Mandira directly for a heavier weight. Select a whole or half size from 3 to 9 in this medium weight.

Dimensions: These measurements will vary with ring size and the fact that each ring is hand-woven, so they can vary a little bit. In three colors of 14K gold, in a size 6.5, this ring weighs approx. 4.2gm, is 7.4mm wide at center front and 3.5mm wide at center back. The thickness of this ring varies from approx. 4.6mm at the center top loop (the fifth band) to just over 1mm at the front outside loops (North and South on the image), and 1.8mm at center back.

The base
price for this ring is for three bands of palladium with two bands forming the X if 14K yellow gold.  For an additional price, you may upgrade the three white bands to 14K white gold. You may choose to have your X twisted, as shown, or smooth to match the other three bands.

The price for this ring was updated on Dec 4, 2016. The price of this ring rarely changes more than once or twice per year, but you are welcome to call us to check the current price before you order, or we will contact you, if there is any difference in price, before we make your ring.

Artisan-crafted and hand-woven in the U.S.


What is Palladium?
It's the hottest classic precious metal on the block!

Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to know about jewelry . . . in walks a metal you have never heard about. What is that all about? We are not sure why this has been the best kept secret in the world of jewelry, but thank goodness those days are over. Palladium has always been one of the precious metals, along with gold and platinum. In fact, designers have been working with palladium since 1939.

In the current market . . . palladium is less expensive than platinum and gold, which makes it a beautiful choice for your fine jewelry and a smart one for your wallet. Palladium also saves you money over time since it is naturally white and does not tarnish. Other metals, such as white gold, are coated with rhodium to appear white and will most likely require expensive maintenance (full-disclosure: our white gold puzzle rings are not rhodium-plated). Palladium is used 95% pure, is non-allergenic and long-wearing, just like platinum. Pair your yellow gold with palladium, and you have a durable ring that is simply gorgeous!

Assemble your Eastbourne puzzle ring

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Product Options:

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Puzzle ring size (3 - 9)

Twisted or smooth X

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