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Commitment/Wedding RingsWelcome, find gay and lesbian wedding and commitment rings here; engagement rings, too!
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Crystal Realm Shipping Help - When and How We'll Ship Your Order

Shipping to all countries
If the shipping charge at the time of your order is not enough to cover the actual shipping cost of sending your order to you, then we will email you what the additional amount will be.  In order to complete your order and ship to you, we will need your approval of the added shipping amount.

If you require any special shipping arrangements, please Contact Us.

United States Shipping Method, Rate Choices and Timing

U.S. Standard Shipping

Rate for
1st Pound


How to Choose Your Method

Basic US Mail.
(Usually for lightweight items like sizers and silver jewelry. $500 value limit per package)



If your order value is greater than about $300.00, there may be a modest add-on insurance cost. We'll let you know.

Within the U.S., this is usually a 3-day transit time.

Toasting flutes and glasses:
You will select Standard Shipping on our site. Within the U.S., they will ship via UPS Ground from our flute makers.



Heart flutes average $26.48 total shipping

Your flutes will ship within 1 day to 4 weeks. Transit time within the U.S. will be 1 - 7 working days, depending upon where you live. [West coast, 1-2 days. East Coast, 6-7 days]

FedEx Ground with Signature Required
($500 value limit per package)



If your order value is greater than about $300.00, there may be a modest add-on insurance cost. We'll let you know.

Transit time within the U.S. will be 1 - 4 working days, depending upon where you live, unless you order toasting glasses, which follow the schedule directly above.

U.S. Express Shipping for Residential or Work/Business Delivery
(Higher to Alaska/Hawaii)

FedEx 3 Day Express



For any items, including jewelry < 500.00. Delivered by 7:00 p.m.

FedEx 2 Day Express



For any items (including jewelry > $500). Delivered by 7:00 p.m.

FedEx Priority Overnight



For any items (including jewelry > $500)
Delivered by noon.
Call us before 3 p.m.if you are ordering something in stock that you need to have the next day. Not available for Tuesday shipping.

We will contact you, if the actual shipping rate varies widely from the rate shown on the above chart. 


Recently the USPS changed their rates for worldwide shipping. Rates are now different depending upon which country you are in or continent you are on.

When possible, we prefer to ship low value items via U.S. First Class Mail International which takes about 7-10 days transit time for Canada and Western Europe. This takes up to 3-5 weeks for very distant (South Africa) or remote (parts of Russia) locations. Those are just examples, and delivery time to your country may vary.

Toasting glasses:
The method will be U.S. First Class Mail International if the package is up to 4 pounds weight. For greater than 4 pounds weight, we must ship via US Express Priority International. Pick the least costly option to your country, and we will inform you if the cost will be higher.

Canada and Worldwide for Jewelry over $200 value, or if you are in a hurry for any order - Select FedEx International Priority when you check out. Transit time is 2-5 days, depending upon where you live.

Great News if you live in Canada!

All of our suppliers are registered NAFTA U.S. artisans (with the exception of our Irish Celtic jewelers, natch!).  This means that you will pay no customs duty on your items; you will pay only national and provincial sales tax (if applicable) on your item.

Express Mail International

OK up to $1,500.00 3 - 5 business days anywhere in the world (unless your country's postal service is not "with the program")

FedEx International Priority

$59.00 to $99.00 covers most of the world
OK for orders of any value 2-5 business days, depending upon your location (2 days to Canada; 5 days to outer reaches of Australia)

With insurance, your amount will likely be more than indicated. We will contact you with the difference upon processing your order. We will not charge your card unless or untill we have your approval for the total amount.

Thank you for visiting Crystal Realm. We welcome you and look forward to helping you find the perfect expressions of your love and commitment to one another in gold or platinum.
 (Select styles available in sterling silver, as shown on site.)