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My name is Elizabeth B. and my fiancé Kyle van V. just gave me a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring. I just wanted to write you and let you know that is more beautiful than I imagined, and the picture did not do it justice. Thank you sooo much for putting so much thought and effort into one ring. The stone is absolutely beautiful and perfect. I have never seen a stone this clear (and I used to work at a jewelry store).
No matter what size diamond you order in your puzzle engagement ring, we guarantee it will be gorgeous and sparkly on her hand. When it is 3/8CT or greater, It will have D-E-F color, SI1-SI2 clarity, and a cut from good to excellent. If you opt for a diamond of .375CT, which is 3/8CT or greater, then you will also enjoy the benefits of our Six-Way Diamond Guarantee, as outlined below.
(For 1/3CT diamonds, the color may be a bit lower, but it will still be eye clean, no inclusions visible to the unaided eye, still sparkly and simply beautiful on the hand!)

The bottom line? 
We will always get you the biggest, best diamond we can for the price you pay.

And our track record?
After ten years, we have only sent out one diamond that a client asked us to swap out.

The biggest online retailers in the United States cannot match the diamond guarantees that Crystal Realm routinely offers to our customers. We have the backing of one of the most important and ethical diamond houses in the world, so we are able to offer you unprecedented support. In addition, we can assure you that your diamond is conflict-free. Our diamonds come from tightly controlled sources only in Canada, Russia, and South Africa. Each link in the pipeline from the mining to the retail sale of our diamonds is completed within the highest professional, ethical, social, environmental and legal standards.

Red Box Diamonds are those of .375CT (3/8CT) or greater. We acquire the diamond(s) for your puzzle ring from only one source, because they have excellent prices, absolutely top quality at every investment level, and control over the diamond pipeline to ensure your diamond is entirely conflict-free. This is the diamond house that have worked with for 35 years. The guarantee that follows is our six-way pledge to you.

Purchasing Your Dream
Whether you are purchasing a diamond engagement ring, an anniversary gift or a special reward of diamond jewelry, you deserve the best. Red Box Diamonds® offer you more than you imagined possible. Every purchase of a Red Box Diamond® (a diamond of .375CT or above) is a brilliant choice.

1. A Guarantee Above All Others
Each Red Box Diamond® is a unique gift of nature, meant to be cherished for a lifetime. It is our responsibility and our desire that you be perfectly satisfied with your diamond purchase. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, return your diamond to your jeweler within their specified return policy guidelines*, and your purchase will be refunded, no questions asked.
*Please speak with Mandira about Crystal Realm's diamond return and/or replacement practices.

2. Accurate Grading
Each Red Box Diamond® comes with a grading report from an independent lab or a comprehensive report from our diamond house. We guarantee our reports provide accurate grading information. If you feel the analysis of your Red Box Diamond® from our diamond house is not accurate, we will exchange or refund your purchase within 30 days* from the date of purchase. At any time in the future, should the diamond purchased be graded by any of the following independent gemological laboratories (GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI or EGL) and the grade of the stone disputed, we will exchange, refund or adjust the price of the Red Box Diamond® in question.
* This means 30 days from the date we purchase your stone. Again, please speak to Mandira with regards to getting your diamond returned timely, so that we can take advantage of Stuller's return guarantee on your behalf.

3. Free Loss Protection for One Year
To help ensure your purchase is properly protected, all Red Box Diamonds® come with free loss protection for one full year.* This provides you with worldwide coverage against theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance. Free coverage of the Red Box Diamond® begins on the postmarked date of the registration form, which you MUST fax or mail in to the address on the form that accompanies your puzzle ring. There is no deductible.
*This applies to diamonds residing in the United States or Canada..

In the event of a loss, simply rcall Mandira for a replacement. This helps to guarantee that you will receive the same quality merchandise as you originally purchased.

4. Guaranteed Trade-Up Value
When you are ready to upgrade your Red Box Diamond®, we can help by offering a phenomenal Trade-Up Program. You can have confidence that the diamond you are purchasing will hold its value over time. When you are ready, you can trade in your Red Box Diamond® for a stone of greater value and receive a credit toward your new purchase of a Red Box Diamond®*. Ask your retailer for details.
*Diamonds must be in their original condition to qualify for the Trade-Up Program.

5. Secure Identification
You can have peace of mind that the diamond you purchased is unique. Each Red Box Diamond® comes with the added security of a unique identifier. A laser-engraved number, matching the grading report, is etched on the girdle of the stone. This number allows for proof-positive identification.

6. Perfect Custom Diamond Engraving upon Request
Custom laser engraving is available. We will inscribe your secret message of love on your diamond for a nominal fee. Ask Mandira for details.

*Red Box Diamond® benefits applies to most diamonds weighing 3/8 carat (.375CT) and larger. Our diamond house reserves the right to modify or discontinue benefits at any time. Program benefits are not combinable with other offers.

Thank you for visiting Crystal Realm. We welcome you and look forward to helping you find the perfect expressions of your love and commitment to one another in gold or platinum. 

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