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Supporting your relationship with Celtic puzzle engagement rings;
traditional and custom poesy rings and Celtic wedding rings; and exclusive bridal sets.

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Crystal Realm's Lifetime Pledge

1. Our "You must be absolutely delighted with your purchase from Crystal Realm" Lifetime Pledge

To cut to the chase, to save you reading the entire page if you are considering ordering higher end jewelry from Crystal Realm, very expensive jewelry over $1,000.00 is custom made for you; please be certain that you want it and that you are committed to it, before ordering, as we are unable to accept returns of custom, costly, jewelry that was made to your order. 

We have several ways to ensure you will be delighted with your order before you plunk your money down. From sending out ring sizers and/or ring samples, to sending your stone out beforehand, so you can inspect it or have it appraised, we have have several ways to increase your comfort level. (Sending ring samples and stones does involve your paying a refundable deposit, and you will cover shipping costs.) Then once you have ordered, say, a puzzle engagement ring, we are happy to make any adjustments you decide upon once you take delivery: new metal, different stone, changed weave, etc. - you just say the word, and we'll do what it takes to ensure that you are thrilled with your ring! In some cases, such as those that require a whole new ring to be made, you may pay a modest restock fee, but it will be minimal based on our costs.

In some cases when you order a ring sample ahead of time, you get to keep the ring, and we will credit the cost of the ring to your actual ring order. Please ask Mandira about this.

Please read on for more details.

A. Your Purchase is Always at Our Risk or No Risk!
Your purchase of most jewelry or gifts is always at our risk. (Most? Well, the rest are at NO RISK). Your delight is absolutely 100% guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are not delighted with a purchase you made from Crystal Realm, please email Mandira to let her know at
Contact Us on the left navigation bar. Mandira will respond with a solution-oriented attitude and an offer to remedy your needs that will range from additional work to be done on your jewelry to a full & prompt refund.

If you are interested in purchasing platinum or diamond rings or other platinum jewelry, please read below. The way we handle such orders is such that there is really NO RISK to you or to Crystal Realm. (There is too much money at stake for either of us to take a risk.) See "B.," below, for more details. 

Also, In the interest of full-disclosure, please be aware that the cancellation of certain gold or platinum orders (either before the work has started or before the work has shipped from our artist/vendor to us) may involve a cancellation fee. Please read more about this below, under Returns and Exchanges.

Returns and Exchanges
" I prefer to handle all returns or exchanges by email, since then you and I will have a written record of everything to do with your exchange or return, and we'll both know exactly where we are in the process at any time." Mandira, Co-Founder, Crystal Realm.

For each exchange or return, we give you specific shipping instructions, so be sure to communicate with Mandira to find out to which address you will return it - ours or our jewelers..

If you need to return a poesy item, be sure to email Mandira at Contact Us on the left navigation bar for instructions. Some poesy items go back to our poesy makers. In the event of an exchange, there may be a re-stock fee (see below). In the event of a cancellation of any poesy ring order, a re-stock fee may apply. This is not Crystal Realm’s fee; it is a fee we pay to our artist on your behalf, so in a case where a re-stock or cancellation fee applies, we pass that cost on to you.

B. Your Purchase of Diamond or Colored Gemstone Rings and Platinum Rings or Jewelry is at NO RISK to YOU or Crystal Realm - Or how we work with you ahead of time to ensure you will be absolutely delighted with your order..
(Diamond or colored gemstone rings of over $1,000.00, including platinum puzzle rings with or without stones)
We will provide a free sterling silver trial ring that you can use to assess your happiness with the style and weight of your diamond or gemstone ring ahead of our making it. 

We will either send you the trial ring for free, upon request, once you place your order, or we charge $60.00 plus shipping for a four-band if you wish to receive it prior to placing your order for the diamond or gemstone ring. If you pay for the trial ring, we apply the cost of the ring (excluding shipping) to your order for your custom diamond or gemstone ring when you order it. In either case, you get to keep the trial sterling ring, so you can learn to assemble it before you get your diamond or gemstone ring.

We take an enormous amount of care in hand-selecting the diamond or gemstone that goes into your ring. If we get the stone in, and it doesn't meet our expectations for beauty on your hand, we will send it back and select another. Still, once you get your ring, we want to know if you love the stone or not. If not, there's no drama - just let Mandira know, and we'll immediately take action to swap your stone for another. As I write this, it is Aug. 2016, and we have only been asked to replace one stone, which we, of course, did promptly. That's an almost unheard of record of success in retail.

Still, if you want, we will send your proposed stone to you for your inspection before placing it in your ring; you only pay the round-trip shipping. We actually prefer to put the stone in your ring before you inspect it, so you can actually see how it will look on your hand, rather than how it looks rolling around on a piece of white paper, but it's up to you. 

We do not use diamonds with visible-to-the-unaided eye inclusions that can be hidden by prongs - that would go against every fiber of integrity that we have, so you do not have to inspect your diamond ahead of time for such inclusions. We prefer to make an honest living and sleep at night!

Platinum Wedding Bands
We want to be certain that you don't get a platinum ring you are not happy with. Therefore, we work hard, ahead of time, in order to ensure that you are absolutely thrilled with the style and fit of your platinum ring(s) by the time you receive your order."

We go to extra lengths to ensure that your platinum ring(s) fit and that you are happy with the style when you get them.

Therefore, we do not accept returns of platinum rings.

If you wish to try on platinum rings, please go downtown or to the mall and visit some quality jewelry stores to get a feel for what platinum is like. It is 2.25 times heavier than sterling silver and 60% heavier than gold. This means that it has a wonderful feel on your hand. It's absolutely gorgeous, pure-white [unlike white gold which has a creamish cast or is rhodium plated to make it pure white as most white gold is (though not all of ours)], and will not tarnish.

In addition, while jewelers love to work with platinum, as it is very easy to manipulate, it has some outstanding characteristics for the wearer. The most important thing to know about platinum is that it "work-hardens" with wear. Unlike gold, which tends to gradually wear away over decades of wear, platinum gets harder and harder, the more you wear it. Therefore, your platinum jewelry will not "lose weight" over years of wear. Another outstanding characteristic of platinum is that, when polished, it will always polish up to look just like new! (Ask Mandira about a metal called palladium, if you like, which is a platinum family metal with the fine characteristics of platinum, but at a price similar to gold.)

Our Free Size Trial for Platinum Rings
We start by providing you with ourring sizer, so you can ascertain your poesy or Celtic ring size. Then we send out the same poesy ring(s) to you in sterling silver, so that we can confirm your fit and your happiness with the style you have selected. (If you order a Celtic platinum ring, we'll send you a ring of similar width and weight in sterling in your size.)

After you place an order for platinum rings, please call us toll-free at 1-866-573-7381 to request your Free Size Trial, or we will call you. Once you have assessed style and fit, we ask that you report to Mandira. She will then place your platinum ring(s) in production and issue instructions for you to return the trial rings to us at our expense. If you wish to keep your sterling silver trial ring(s), you may do so for $28.00 per ring (for a poesy ring of up to $50.00 value) and no shipping cost. Talk with Mandira, if you’d like to arrange that.

Platinum Jewelry, Diamond Rings, and Custom Orders for all rings over $1,000.00
Since our platinum jewelry and other high-end items are all custom made to your order, we regret that we cannot accept returns of items such as: diamond rings, colored gemstone rings over $1,000.00, platinum rings, platinum bangles, custom designs, and some other high-end jewelry. Instead, we will work with you to provide samples in sterling before the platinum is made; and to send you your diamond for inspection, before mounting it in your ring, if you wish (see 1B, above). We appreciate your understanding with regards to this. We are a small company and are not able to sell high-end jewelry if it is returned to us.

Mandira’s goal is always to ensure that when you finalize your order arrangements, you know exactly what you want and need and you get exactly what you expect. “No surprises and no regrets!” is one of our mottoes. If we need to make changes to your ring after you’ve received it, we will do so in order to ensure its perfection.

Going forward, as well, we will always take care of your purchase for you, if the need arises.. For example, we offer a free resize for each puzzle ring and additional resizes at a nominal fee. We also provide a free polish and stone check once a year for gold and platinum puzzle rings. You pay only the shipping back and forth. If your ring gets damaged, we'll fix it for you; repair costs will be estimated in writing for you as soon as we assess your ring (plus you’ll pay the shipping costs.) If, on the other hand, your ring goes down the garbage disposal, your ring is likely toast, and you'll need to get a new one. Please do not ever take a puzzle ring to a regular jeweler, as they don’t know how to handle puzzle rings, and your ring will likely wind up in our hands for repair, anyway. (Truthfully, we generally only charge for a repair if we have a $$ outlay in order to fix it. Most repairs are done for free.)

If you ever have a problem with any of your jewelry, please call Mandira toll-free at 1-866-573-7381. She can advise you and offer solutions for problems that may crop up from time to time in the maintenance of your jewelry.

C. Fair Resolution
In the event of any return/exchange difficulty, we are committed to fair resolution. We will always work to resolve things in a manner that is acceptable to you and to Crystal Realm. In the event of any disagreement, Crystal Realm's decision will be final, and you are free to cancel your order and receive a refund, if charged, providing that we first receive the merchandise back in the condition in which it was sent to you. Restocking or cancellation fees may apply, only in the event that our artist charges us. For questions about that, talk to Mandira. Every situation is different. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Cancellation Fees
Cancellation fees vary depending on the metal and the type of ring that you ordered, if your ring is already in production.
If your ring has already shipped, then you will not get your rush, drop-ship, or shipping fees back.

Ring Exchange Fees
If you exchange a ring for the same or different style of ring in the same or different size:

For orders for which you used our ring sizer there are no exchange or resize fees.

For orders for which you didn't use our ring sizer:
14K gold rings: $40.00 each
18K gold rings: $50.00 each
Platinum ring: $175.00 to $350.00 each

Layaway Cancellations
If you cancel your layaway, we keep a $25.00 cancellation fee plus 5% of the money you’ve paid up until your cancellation date.

2. Privacy Pledge
Your personal information is totally safe and private with us. Crystal Realm will always keep your personal information 100% confidential. You may have complete peace of mind, in this regard.

3. Safety and Security Pledge
We pledge to maintain 100% safety and security of your credit card information. We are so confident of our state-of-the-art secure server, here is our promise to you: should there ever be fraudulent use of your credit card resulting from your ordering from Crystal Realm on our rigorously secure server, Crystal Realm will pay you $100.00. This is the maximum of $50.00 for which your bank will hold you liable plus an additional $50.00 to you for your inconvenience. Some banks won't hold you liable for anything, so in that case, the entire $100.00 is yours to keep. Click here for more details.

4. Precious Metal and Gemstone Pledge
Our sterling silver is always guaranteed to be .925 silver. Our Karat gold is always guaranteed to be what we represent it to be, whether 14K (designated on Celtic and poesy rings as 585) or 18K (designated on Celtic and poesy rings as 750).

10K gold is 41.7% gold and 58.3 % metal alloys.
14K gold is 58.5% gold and 41.5% metal alloys.
18K gold is 75% gold and 25% metal alloys.

Platinum rings are guaranteed to be 90% or 95% platinum, depending upon the jeweler who makes it. Platinum is often designated on rings as 900 or 950.

Celtic wedding rings from Ireland are hallmarked in the Dublin Castle Assay Office, the oldest continually-operating assay office in the word. Assay means to determine the metal content. The Assay Office individually determines the metal content in every single Irish ring and stamps the inside of the ring with the Assay Office hallmark and metal content.

We do not routinely stamp our Crystal Realm custom jewelry – but we will do so upon request. The reason is that usually our clients want inside inscriptions that take up the available real estate inside the ring that might otherwise be available for stamping. If you want your ring(s) stamped with metal content, you must let us know at the time of your order, and you must be willing to sacrifice space inside the ring to be stamped. The actual precious metal content of your ring will be the same whether or not we stamp it with the metal designation.

Please read more about our precious metals pledge.

Diamonds of .375CT or larger are certified and covered by our extraordinary 6-Way Diamond Guarantee.

Thank you for visiting Crystal Realm. We welcome you and look forward to helping you find the perfect expressions of your love and commitment to one another in palladium, gold, or platinum. (Select styles available in sterling silver, as shown on site.)

Crystal Realm
Albuquerque NM  87114
U.S. and Canada Toll Free:
Toll-free fax: 1-866-573-7301
Local:  1-505-898-1107

Order and Customer Service line hours:  11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Monday, Wed-Sunday

Call anytime, and if you get voice mail,
please leave a message. We'll call you back.


Personalized Service
We are a family business, and taking care of you is our # 1 concern. We expect to communicate with you about your order, so please call or email us with any questions or concerns you

If Mandira's on the phone with another customer when you call, she will make every effort to call you back within the hour. If you haven't received a call back within 4 hours, please call again.

For your protection, we make every effort to ensure that all information on our website is accurate, and we are proactive in seeking a fair resolution if you are affected by an error, omission, typo, etc. on the website. However, we cannot be held liable for such errors, omissions, or typos, etc. If we cannot reach mutual accord, Crystal Realm's decision will be final, and you are free to cancel your order and receive a refund, if charged. We appreciate your understanding.