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Commitment/Wedding RingsWelcome, find gay and lesbian wedding and commitment rings here; engagement rings, too!
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Our Gay & Lesbian' Customers' Stories

Here are Entirely Unsolicited Comments from Customers, Posted with their Permission.
(Typically each customer gives us permission to place their full name, city and state. In the case of special customers such as military, law enforcement, and our gay and lesbian clientele who may be at risk for security issues, we omit or change the location information, will use initials instead of full names, or whatever you request so you'll feel safe.)

Hi Mandira,
Just to let you know that our rings arrived this morning.
I can honestly say, hand on heart, that they look even better that the pictures. Thank you for all the time and effort you have spent on this on our behalf.
It has been a pleasure to do business with you.
Thanks again.
J. Greenbank
Standsted, UK

Hi Mandira!
Just wanted to let you know that we received the rings and, they fit perfectly!!!  :)  Choosing rings was one of the most difficult choices that we have ever made.  Your website was very helpful. I also want you to know that we have really enjoyed having you as our salesperson. I especially appreciated your warm, friendly personality. I was a little scared about getting rings over the internet.  However, after talking to you about your ring sizing technique and learning more about you and your past work, I felt more at ease.  (I actually felt as though I had known you for years)  Anyway, your constant communication was very reassuring and helpful. 

Our rings arrived on the exact day that you said they would.  (Mandira's note:  I can't promise an exact ship date for "made to order" items, until they are in my hands.  Kodi is too generous, as the date they arrived was the first promised date after two estimated dates!)  We were so excited to see them.  Deni really loved the fancy boxes that you sent the rings in. We both loved the rings and the fact that they fit!  We couldn't wait to wear them so we just decided to break all the rules and 3 days later spontaneously gave them to each other.....too funny  but very sweet.  (We still have plans for a ceremony too) 

We like our rings even more as time goes by.  We especially like the history behind the rings, the wax casting, and the exquisite detail.  The photos of these rings on your site were very helpful.  But, I must say, we were both surprised at how differently the posie actually looked on the ring itself.....much smaller!   It took a little getting used to.   However, in the end,    Wow!  the rings turned out to appear even more detailed than we had imagined.  I am so glad that Deni liked the "Myn Genyst" ring.  I like that our rings are the same; yet, each ring is as unique as each one of us due to the hand craftsmanship and individual antiquing.  I say,  "Yea For Posie Rings!" ~  And thank you very much!   :)   
Goddess Bless,  Kodi
Kodi Coyote
Eugene Oregon

Hi Mandira,
Just a note to let you know our rings have arrived and we are absolutely thrilled with them. Pearl said to tell you she loves the rings and the perfect sentiment they convey. We couldn't have said it better ourselves! The fit and the quality have very well met our expectations. I really appreciate having a symbol of our commitment that is more sophisticated than the "everyday" rainbow flag. Thank you again for the very personal attention and assistance you gave to us.
With appreciation,
Myra and Pearl
Phoenix, AZ

Hi Mandira,
The rings arrived not long after 2 pm yesterday (Monday) .. right on time. They are absolutely loverly! Chris and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you put in to make sure our rings got here on time. You have done an amazing job! Even if the rings hadn't arrived so early your service would still be outstanding! Thank You so much.
Love Chris and Josh
Perth, Australia

Aw, thank you for your kind message and deluxe service, Mandira. We are so delighted to hear that our rings are on their way. I know they will be beautiful and we just can't wait to see them.

BTW, since you said you've been working hard on your web site, I thought you might like to know how we found Crystal Realm online and what particularly impressed us about your site. It all started with a Google search -- I believe the key words I entered were "gay wedding rings."

Well, Crystal Realm was buried pretty deep -- I think it was on
something like the third page of results. We looked at lots of the other sites first but didn't find anything that appealed to both of us -- there were lots of "rainbow" rings with all the colorful gems, but they just didn't look like wedding bands to us. Plus, we were getting really frustrated, because many of the sites had teeny little pictures that you had to click (and wait) to enlarge, or that you couldn't enlarge at all. When we finally got to your site and started browsing your posey rings, we loved the size of your
images and the fact that we didn't have to click them to make them big enough to see. We spent a lot of time there and we saw several designs that we both really liked, but when we saw the two souls, one heart message, we knew it was perfect.

It is great that you have your toll free number listed online -- I always prefer placing orders over the phone because, even though I work for an online company, I still don't trust online transactions, especially those conducted over a dial-up connection, which is what we have. So being able to call you and talk to you directly was a huge plus for us. Same with the ring sizer deal. I didn't see any other sites offering to send a ring sizer, and that little service you provided just made the whole ordering process even easier than we could have imagined. We simply could not be any happier with the service you provided, and we will treasure our rings forever.
Happy holidays!
Janice and Karen
East Coast, US

And a little later, we received this email from Janice and Karen:

Our rings arrived yesterday and they are just beautiful! We absolutely adore them (and they both fit perfectly). Clearly you meant it when you said you would take good care of us. So yes, yes, yes, please feel free to post whatever you like from my emails. We will surely send your link to all of our friends and tell them about your wonderful selection, affordable prices, and deluxe service. Thank you again for everything, Mandira. We simply could not be any happier with our rings. (The only hard part now is to wait until our wedding to actually start wearing them!) We hope you and your team will enjoy great success and prosperity.
Janice Conard and Karen Stewart
East Coast, US

Making Your Rings a Unique Expression
If there is one trend in commitment and wedding rings that was born in the gay and lesbian community, it is that of "mixing it up," when it comes to selecting rings. Mixing heirloom rings with contemporary rings, choosing two different metals, one for each half of the couple, selecting different styles of rings . . . it all adds up to making choices based on what is meaningful to you!

Poesy ring with heirloom ring; poesy ring with ruby Guinevere Puzzle Engagement Ring

Our customers Theresa and Aaron are shown wearing, at left, an heirloom ring plus a platinum poesy ring; and on the right, the same platinum poesy ring paired with a platinum Guinevere Ring with a 1/2CT ruby.  All but the heirloom ring were provided by Crystal Realm.

The poesy ring is in Latin: ego dilecto meo et dilectus meus, which means I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine, which is from Solomon's Song of Songs in the Bible.



Thank you for visiting Crystal Realm. We welcome you and look forward to helping you find the
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 (Select styles available in sterling silver, as shown on site.)
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